Caring for your cats during the winter


Now that we’re in the midst of the colder months, (and with many of us refusing to put the heating on!) it’s essential to know how to care for our cats and to keep them warm. You might think that their furry coats are enough, but many feral cats seek out abandoned buildings, deserted cars, and even dig holes in the ground to keep warm in winter months.


Of course, not all cats have fur. Hairless cats will need the utmost care in the winter as they struggle so much more to keep warm. The main way hairless cats can keep warm is with their incredible metabolism – so make sure to keep their food bowls full!


Ways to care for and to keep your cats warm


Lots of cat owners might think that cuddling up on the sofa with their kitties is enough to keep them warm, but there are other ways too. Let’s discuss them:


Make sure they are dry


If your cat has come in from outside, drenched from the rain, dry them off with a towel immediately. Even if it’s not raining, still be sure to check they are dry as the grass or bushes could have dampened their fur. The prolonged moisture will prevent them from staying warm and could result in hypothermia.


Make sure to provide a warm and snuggly place for them to curl up and stay warm. Warm areas are important for all cats but especially for those who are less active. Whether they’re old, have medical conditions or are simply lazy, may have trouble maintaining their body temperature on their own.


Check their paws


Again, when your cat(s) come from outside, make sure to check their paws for any salt. It is likely that nearby roads have been salted or gritted, so it’s important to remove any of this so they aren’t able to ingest it. Gently wipe down their paws with a damp cloth, they’ll appreciate it a lot!


It is also ideal to check their paws for any signs of frostbite or irritation from the salt or other injuries. Especially if you have a long-haired cat – they are prone to snow compacting between their toes and turning to ice. This can become very painful for them!


Provide a litter tray


Even if you have outdoor cats that only do their business outside, having an indoor litter tray is a good idea. They might decide it’s too cold to go out and it’ll save you finding any unexpected accidents.


Radiator beds to keep your cats warm


Now, if you’re feeling flush enough to actually turn your heating on, why not invest in a radiator bed? They’re a luxurious way for your cat to keep warm – not to mention they also make the cosiest-looking bed.


I’ve found two types of these beds, one is your more ‘traditional’ looking bed, whilst the other is a tunnel. I’ve linked some below on Amazon (however ALDI currently have a similar tunnel for under £15).

Loki's coat keeps him warm


Cat coats to keep your cats warm


Cat coats/jumpers are particularly great for short-haired cats and hairless cats. (Although this isn’t to say long-haired cats can’t have them in the winter.) You should also consider whether your cat would like a jumper – I know our cats in the My Three Cats household hate to wear jumpers. They seem to forget how to walk when wearing one!


However, we have many kitty customers who love to snuggle up in their coats. You can find these items on sites such as Amazon, Shein, Etsy etc.


Canva image made to show how to keep our cats warm

Other ways to care for and to keep your cats warm during the winter


With the weather getting colder and colder, I can guarantee your cats will appreciate any extra effort you put into helping them stay warm.


Let me know if you have any other ways on how we can help care for our cats during the winter by commenting on our Facebook page.

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