What’s next for My Three Cats


2022 has been an incredible year for My Three Cats. We have seen so much growth and love spread for our business and can’t thank our customers and followers enough for being part of it. I want to dedicate a blog post to show our followers how much we have developed in this past year and to let you know about some plans for next year!


Some facts and figures


To start off, in the past year My Three Cats has gained nearly 100 clients. We started the year with 133 of you and are leaving the year with 225! We want to thank you all so much for trusting us with your kitties and for all being so incredibly lovely.

Bar chart showing the increase in My Three Cats clients.

This year has undoubtedly been our busiest year since Wendy started My Three Cats in 2016. In 2022 alone, our team of cat-sitters have looked after 345 cats and have collectively done 3963 visits! We are all so grateful for this job and look forward to looking after even more cats in 2024.


The My Three Cats team


With the number of visits continuing to grow each year, Wendy is always looking for more sitters to welcome into our team. This year, Wendy took on 4 new sitters to help grow her business. Lorna, Jo, Sue and myself (Eloise) have joined Wendy’s cat-sitter-crew of Carolyn, Sophy, Kim, Elie and Georgina to look after and love the cats of Warrington.


From myself and Wendy, we want to thank all of our cat-sitters so much for being so amazing this past year. None of the previous facts and figures would’ve been possible without you all and we’re looking forward to the future of My Three Cats with you!


The cats of My Three Cats


Something we always find interesting working in this business is the statistics of the cats we look after. Wendy has amazingly put together the numbers of the most popular cat names and the most common cat colours of the cats we look after!


Our top 8 most common cat names are Kitty (6), Poppy (6), Lola (5), Bella (4), Coco (4), Maggie (4), Mia (4) and Minnie (4).

A pie chart showing the different colours of the cats of My Three Cats

The pie chart above shows you the popularity of different colours of the kitties we look after! Black and white cats are definitely our most common, closely followed by all our gorgeous tabbies.



The plans for 2023


Now we all know the heart of this business is Wendy. Over the last 6 years, she has built and expanded a business that simply started on her love for cats. I asked her what she has planned for the future… Here’s what she said:


“We have plans to recruit and train new cat-sitters in January, to make sure we have a full team ready in time for the big school holiday getaways!”


“I will continue to manage and run the business, overseeing client onboarding and customer service. I will also continue my regular client visits with whom I have built up long-standing relationships.”


“Where possible we will continue to keep the same cat-sitters with their regular clients for continuity and care for their cats, to build up their trust and give them a familiar face.”


“Care for your cats will remain our top priority so, despite our expected growth, we will not accept new clients if we feel we have reached a point where we cannot manage the visits we have already booked in. We never want to rush visits and every cat deserves our full attention and care, so we will cap the number of visits available each day during busy periods.”


The future of My Three Chats


This post will be the last for 2022. I started this blog in July and plan to continue these posts every other week in 2023 starting on the 6th of January.


I hope they are enjoyable and maybe sometimes even helpful! I’m constantly researching different topics in order to give supportive information to all cat owners.


Once again, thank you so much to all of our customers, cat-sitters and followers for being a part of this journey… See you in 2023!


Eloise x


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