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Hi, I'm Carolyn. I live in a house of boys, my husband Ste, my son Euan, my nephew Victor and my beautiful cat Gingey. Gingey is a rescue who has been part of the family for 18 months. He's a big kisser and he often thinks he's a parrot as he loves sitting on my shoulder - much to the amusement of the boys because he's a big boy. He also loves his belly being tickled and spends most of the time on his back!

We live in Newton-le-Willows and have lived here all our lives, apart from Victor who is from Paris!

I love cats and have had cats right through my life.

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Carolyn with Gingey


Hi, my name is Linda and I live in Woolston with my husband Mike. I have 3 grown up children and 4 gorgeous grandchildren who I love to bits!

We have had various cats in our family for over 30 years. At the moment we have a lovely new kitten to love called Leo. My daughter has his brother Jaxson and he comes round to play regularly. They are very active and love playing and cuddling up together to go to sleep.

My background is in Nursing. I was a District Nurse Sister until I retired 2 years ago after 43 years in the NHS.

Wendy, the owner of My Three Cats, looked after our previous cat when we were away on holiday. She provided a fantastic service, coming in to feed him twice a day, playing with him and sending us photos of him while we were away, which was very reassuring. He was very happy in his own home as he hated the Cattery.

I am very excited to join the team of cat sitters in the Woolston area and look forward to meeting lots of lovely cats and their owners!

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Hi, my name is Chris and I live in the Great Sankey area of Warrington. I have a cat called Poppy who is 5 years old. She is a rescue cat that came into my life 4 years ago. She is so adorable and gives me so much love (mainly to keep me feeding her treats - she's very savvy). I have had cats for over 40 years and all I can say is that each cat has given me so much joy and happiness that is reciprocated both ways.

My friend put my name forward to Wendy from My Three Cats and I'm so pleased she did. After meeting Wendy, I observed how passionate and enthusiastic she was looking after other people's cats and the service provided to cat owners. It was a no brainer for me to want to be part of Wendy's team and was so pleased when I was asked to join. It's such a fantastic opportunity for me to meet other cat owners and to look after your cat(s), in the way that I look after all my cats - with so much love and care to ensure they are happy.

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Chris's cat, Poppy


Greetings & salutations!

My name is Kimberly and I have resided in Birchwood for nearly 15 years. Hailing from Florida, I met my husband while teaching in Japan. We adopted 2 kittens the first day after getting our first abode in Warrington and have been adding to our family ever since. We now have an 11 year old son and 5 cats (who definitely make a house a home).

I currently work as a TCM therapist and volunteer at Cat's Protection, because there's no such thing as too much time with kitties.

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