A Chat about Cats

Hello and welcome to the first My Three Chats blog post, a Chat about Cats! Well, this isn’t exactly a blog post, more of an introduction to me and the blog itself. I didn’t think it’d make sense to jump right into it without some foundation.

Let’s chat about me

A Chat about Cats

So Hi! My name is Eloise and I am the daughter of Wendy, the owner of My Three Cats. I’m one of the many amazing cat-sitters we have on this team and also the Social Media Manager! I’ve been helping out in this business for a few years but have recently become a full-time crazy cat lady. 

A chatty blog

Something we have wanted on our website for a while is a blog. Not a blog where I just tell you my favourite things about cats (although now that I think about it, that would be fun to write), but a blog with information on cats like tips on how to help them in particular situations, advice on things you might be um-ing and ah-ing about or even just weighing up pros and cons for different things for your cats – quite simply, a chat about cats!

A Chat about Cats

I didn’t want to come across as some anonymous writer that doesn’t tell you anything about myself, because let’s be honest, we’re all about sharing our own kitties with you. My Three Cats is named after our cats, although we have four now! Our original three were Coco, Belle and Ronnie however when Belle decided to ‘move out’ and live with a neighbour in 2018, we got Billie in January 2019. Since then we have also welcomed our big boy Reggie during the pandemic.

I want to be able to tell you about them and to hear stories about your cats too! Whenever a blog post goes live, a Facebook post will be posted alongside where we can chat about your thoughts and opinions on the subject matter.


To the future!

So that’s it really, that’s all I need to tell you… for now. My Three Chats is something I’m really looking forward to running and writing for and I hope you look forward to reading it too!

A Chat about Cats A Chat about Cats

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