Top 10 Christmas presents for cats!


It’s a month until Christmas! Have you got a present for your furry friends yet? Not sure what to get them? I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Christmas presents for cats!


Why should we get Christmas presents for cats?


If you’re anything like us as cat owners, you probably treat your cat(s) as if they’re your child. I know I definitely baby Billie so much that even she thinks she’s a real baby!


Our cats are always there for us throughout the year. They see our ups and downs and are around for snuggles whenever we need them. So why not surprise them with a gift this Christmas?


Here are our Top 10 presents to get your cats this Christmas:


1. Laser pen


A laser pen is undoubtedly a perfect present for a young cat to help them run off all of that energy they might have before you want to go to bed. But it’s also a great idea for an older (maybe overweight) cat to encourage them to do more exercise – we even manage to get our Reggie chasing a laser pen!


Here’s one I found on Amazon –


2. Cat bow tie


Are you having family over for Christmas dinner and need everyone to dress up nicely? Why not include your cat too?! You can find cat bow ties on many sites and in pet stores in all sorts of colours and patterns.


Here’s a pack of two festive bow ties I found on Amazon –


3. Cat Silo


Now, this is definitely very pricey… But if you’re looking for a side table in your living room, this could be the ideal match for you and your cat! This ‘Cat Silo’ is a versatile piece that is the perfect hangout for your cat while being refined enough for the modern home.


Here’s the official link to the Cat Silo –


4. Crinkle tunnel


A tunnel is a great toy for kittens and for homes with multiple cats to play together in. Our kitty customers Akira and Kyma have one in their house and they love to chase each other through and watch each other from each side!

Here’s Akira and Kyma’s crinkle tunnel on Amazon –


5. Automatic feeder


Another more expensive gift now. Many of our customers have automatic feeders and they are amazing for owners who might be out when they know their cats will be expecting their dinner. Simply close the lid on the food before you leave home, set the number of hours before it can open and voila! Your cat will “hear” their food and have their tea ready to eat.

Here’s a very popular automatic feeder amongst our customers on Amazon –



6. Fun scratching posts


You may already have a scratching post at home, but do you have a fun scratching post? Whilst looking for ideas to put on this list, I came across some very colourful and funny scratching posts on Amazon. You can find carrots, flamingos and cactus-shaped scratching posts!


Here’s a carrot and flamingo scratching post found on Amazon – and


7. Water fountain


I’ve spoken a little bit about why water fountains are better than regular bowls for your cats’ water in my post ‘Keeping clean for your cats’ ( Water fountains provide fresher water than a bowl as the water is constantly going through a filter. We have one for our four cats and it’s brilliant.


This is the water fountain we have found on Amazon – 


8. Self-heating pet pad


I know Christmas is far into the cold season, but a heating pad will be highly appreciated by your cats. Some cats (especially elderly cats) can struggle to keep warm and might need that extra bit of help.


If you want more information on how to care for your cats during winter, be sure to read my previous post at


Here’s a self-heating pet pad on Amazon –


9. Personalised tag


Want to add a bit more personal style to your cat’s collar? Why not get them a name tag with a pretty pattern to match their fabulous personality? You can find these on sites like Etsy and Amazon where there are hundreds of different patterns to choose from.


10. Self-cleaning cat brush


As much as they might not like it, we know our cats’ fur needs brushing every now and then when we notice it moulting onto the couch. And rather than getting a regular brush, you can get ones that simply pop the fur off after it gets full.


Here’s one on Amazon –


One month to go


Now it’s very likely that you could get your cat a fancy toy for Christmas and they’ll still rather play with the shoelaces from your new expensive trainers… However, it’s still fun to get them a little something, right?

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